Featured Alexa Skills

She Rocks The World

Talk daily with She Rocks The World Alexa Skill for inspiration, opportunities, strategies, and lead by sharing your voice. An empowering platform for teenage girls to lead their lives fearlessly, in their voice.

When girls share their fears, failures, successes, ideas, and opinions with other girls through stories, they create connections. The goal is to create a global network of girls thought leaders, supporting each other, by fearlessly using their voices to positively impact our world.

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Contact us to integrate ServiceNow with Alexa

Ticket Now

The power of IT service management from ServiceNow with the convenience of Amazon Alexa makes it no brainer!. If you are looking to get a feel of Servicenow Alexa integration, take a test drive, it’s FREE!

Users will fall in love with this force. Imagine creating your incident tickets or approving your change requests by just talking to Alexa, it’s that simple.

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Contact us to run your poll using ‘Top Poll’

Top Poll

Vote and you will be truly HEARD! Introducing TOP POLL on Alexa! Welcome to voice based polls!

Top Poll will run polls on current affairs and you can exercise your opinion by voice. Once you voice your opinion, you can know the statistics of who polled likewise and otherwise.

Final results of polling can be accessed by invoking “Alexa, open Top poll” the day after Poll closes.

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Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio brings you the best Old Time Radio shows on to your Echo.

Bringing you just a few of the thousands of episodes found on the Vintage Radio iPhone app and on http://www.vintageradioshows.com/. This skill opens the world of old-time radio broadcasting to your Alexa device.

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The My Math Alexa Skill is currently used by more than 1000 Alexa users. My Math is optimized at a kid’s pace for easy understanding and comprehension of basics of Mathematics.

My MATH teaches Numbers, Addition, Multiplication, Quiz and more. Learn Math while having some fun talking with Alexa!. Let your kid try 15 minutes of quizzing on My Math Alexa Skill every day.

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Jump-start early learning with English alphabets, rhymes, words with spelling, animal sounds and more.

My ABC is a fun, simple, and easy-to-use Alexa skill for kids. To make it interesting and engaging, there are standard rhymes to sing along and learn.